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Feb 27, 2017
Ice berg
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Host them ovr this summer

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You should host quite a few events over this summer to attract new and old players. A few events could be a build contest, a pvp event every week or two, "treasure hunt" (like the egg hunt), or a skywars tournament. Im sure others in the community can come up with a few other ideas. There should be events every week or so to keep people active.

| Community Benefits:
This will get new and old player like i said above and will keep the community interested and active over the summer.

| Extra:
A little bit of server advertising can also bring in some new player over this summer as its the most active time.


Apr 13, 2016
Cornwall, England
This has been suggested numerous times on all servers, the answer is they're actually to busy working and moderating on the server to be able to host events.This is a popular suggestion and always gets accepted but no events get made which is very odd, hence why we have a low playerbase. I believe pretty much everyone agrees on this server due to the numerous threads about this. +1 from me


Jul 22, 2016
Due to the reset some bugs was created. The development team have been working to patch all of these. Over the summer there should be activities and things to do, by then most bugs will be patched/fixed.


Jul 14, 2016
your dreams
pvp event every week or two
oof that's intense

keep in mind just because school will be out doesn't mean staff have lots of extra time - lots of people get summer jobs & vacation. I wouldn't expect a new event every week but the content team and administrator team have mentioned that they have ideas for future events
-1 I think they have it already planned, and staff don't have to host it. Players can too! In Skyblock we can make a competition in /pvp, we can do a championship. Like who ever wants to participate, they will put their name and 2 people will go against each other and they will face the winners and then the person who won that round will go against the winner of a different round! I still have more Ideas like a Building Event in Creative like the one that was hosted a Week ago by Maxicannot who did the Building Competition and gave the winner a rank they would like on a gamemode. I know you already said "community can make some up" but the point Im going for is that staff has already prepared stuff. I can confirm this as I contacted @iJordan_ if she is gonna do something this Summer and she didn't give me any Spoilers but did say they will be hosting amazing new stuff, and people are already hosting events which maybe you missed. Ty :D ( Im doing this in the Library and this Keyboard sucks, I need my Gaming Keyboard Back, and Im not a Nerd, I was forced to come here and though lemme just do stuff in LC) Cya! <3


Mar 11, 2015
United States of America
-1, I have made a similar response to a similar suggestion in the past. Events are going to happen, and are determined by the "Content and Events" part of the staff team. So making this suggestion to me personally seems kind of redundant, especially when I am positively sure they have more events in the works for the future, and isn't something that doesn't need to be worried about for the time being... And also much like @Tqco_Tuesdqy said above me, players are free to host their own little events as well with the time in between "official" events like the Easter one that ended in April!




Mar 30, 2016
sbwater 2.0
As many players have mentioned above, our Content and Events team is in charge of, as the name implies, Content and Events. Although maybe not every week, I'm sure they have events planned for the summer, so there's no need to worry about that! We also encourage players to host events their own events as well, so if you feel like you're up to the challenge then you're more than welcome to!

If you have any specific ideas for an event or activity, I recommend you make a separate suggestion for that, or you could always PM a member of the Content and Events team (like @iJordan_). I'm sure they have lots of fun planned! ;)
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