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Remove Lockette

| Recommendations For Implementing This Suggestion:
Disable/remove the plugin

| Detailed Explanation:
The Grief Protection plugin used for claiming land already provides chest/container protection on claimed lands, as a default. Lockette creates an issue where players lock containers and then abandon a claim - leaving the containers locked & requiring staff intervention to remove them.

Lockett does NOT provide protection to chests where other players are trusted on the claim, as there are known exploits (e.g., hopper carts, placing other chests w/signs to override the lock, etc.) & players are better served by keeping private chests on protected subclaims.

At best, Lockette gives the illusion of protection & provides a means of grief by leaving abandoned, locked chests throughout the server.

| Community Benefits:
By removing Lockette, users will not be swayed into the misguided belief that their containers are fully protected & will need to rely on subclaims and different trust levels, as is intended in the Grief Protection plugin.

Additionally, there will be less of a need to call on staff to remove abandoned locked containers when a players claims a previously abandoned area.

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Sep 24, 2015

This suggestion has been locked and moved to Accepted Suggestions. This means it was either implemented, semi-implemented, or already existing in game.

Suggestion Accepted!

LC Content Team
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