Blacklist Policy

We only punish in the situation where we feel a players behaviour has gone over the top, or if we feel that they are a threat to the safety of a member in the community, or the stability of the community as a whole.

To appeal a blacklist, you must email our support email ( and must have been blacklisted for at least 90 days. You must provide reasoning of your blacklist and details on how you've changed. If your blacklist appeal is denied, you must wait 365 days before appealing it again. Do not join any of our platforms while blacklisted.

As of Sun 11 Jun 2023, we publish each and every blacklist. You can view them here:

LemonCloud - Blacklist Reasons.xlsx
Blacklist Policy LemonCloud - Blacklist ReasonsModern-era blacklists are recorded on this page. This is in a bid to increase transparancy between us and the community.LemonCloudThese blacklists are posted as of Sun Jun 11 2023, and do not include blacklists outside of recent memory. IGN/Use...