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How do I get help on LemonCloud?

All casual support requests are handled by our staff members via tickets in our Discord server. This is excluding any purchase issues that you may have, in which case you should contact our support team using the email

How to join the LemonCloud Discord server

You can join our Discord server by clicking here. This will direct you straight to our support channel.

Join the LemonCloud Discord Server!
LemonCloud is the #1 Minecraft Network - and well, this is also the #1 Discord server. We don’t make the rules. | 12,460 members

To gain access to our community features, you must verify yourself with your in-game Minecraft account, however all support facilities are readily available without verifying your identity.

To join our Discord server, you must be 13 years of age or older, as we follow the Discord Terms of Service. If you are under this age, please have an adult present while using the facilities.

How do I report a bug I have found?

We work extremely hard to get rid of any bugs that you may find on LemonCloud. All we need for you to do is to report it in the correct area. You can report any issues with our website, our server or our Discord!

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