Chest Shop Tutorial

Here's a simple guide to teach you how to create and use chest shops!

Chest Shops allow players to create their own shops where they can either buy items from other players or put items up for sale.

How to create a Chest Shop

  1. Place a Chest. This will be your shop's storage. It holds items you're selling and collects items you buy.
  2. Attach a Sign: While holding a sign, shift-click on the chest to attach it.
  3. Fill in the Sign based on one of the following formats.

Sign Examples

Allows players to buy 1x Cooked Beef from you for $100. Ensure you have enough Cooked Beef in the chest!
Allows players to sell 1x Iron Ingot to you for $50. The money will be taken from your balance.
Allows players to either buy 32x Emeralds from you for $10,000 or sell 32x Emeralds to you for $5,000.
For special items like enchanted tools or mob spawners, you must hold it and type /iteminfo to get the full item name and ID.

Using Chest Shops

  • Right-click on a sign to Buy from a chest shop
  • Left-click on a sign to Sell to a chest shop


  • Decorate your chest shops with item frames so other players can browse your shops faster
  • Use additional signs to tell players more information about what you're selling, especially if it's enchanted gear with a weird ID name on the shop sign!
  • You can decorate your chest shop signs with glow ink sacs and dyes
  • If you don't want to type the item name, just put a ? on line 4, and then right-click the sign while holding the item in your hand!