Land Claiming Tutorial

Here's a simple guide to teach you how to claim your land on our Survival server!

To create your first claim, simply place a chest. It will automatically claim a 9x9 block area around it.

To expand your claim, use a Golden Shovel (type /kit claiming if you don't already have one). Simply right-click a corner of your claim and then right click where you want it to be expanded to.

To see the boundaries of your claim, you can use a Stick and right-click the ground within your claim to display the corners.

Claim Blocks

Claim blocks are simply the number of blocks you can claim horizontally. For example, if you have 100 claim blocks, you can claim a 10x10 block area.

All players earn 100 claim blocks every hour they're online.

Subdivide Claims

You can create subclaims within your main claim to grant different permissions to different areas. Use the /subdivideclaims command and then use your Golden Shovel to create smaller claims within your main claim.


  • /trust <player> - gives a player access to your land
  • /untrust <player> - removes a player's access to your land
  • /containertrust <player>: Grants access to open containers
  • /accesstrust <player>: Grants access to use buttons and levers
  • /claims - view information about your claims
  • /unclaim - unclaims the land you're standing in
  • /abandonallclaims - unclaims all your claimed land
  • /transferclaim <player> - transfers your claim to another player