OP Prison Returns!

Greetings LemonCloud!

We're thrilled to announce that in under a week, OP Prison finally returns to LemonCloud!

As our oldest gamemode, a complete overhaul is due, so we've spent many months rebuilding the server from the ground up.

OP Prison opens to everyone on Saturday 2nd July at approximately 8 PM BST. Click here to see what time it will be in your time zone. The countdown is on!

What's New?

Here's what you can expect from our new OP Prison server...

Custom Ores

OP Prison now runs natively on Minecraft 1.19. With our server resource pack, we could explore the idea of adding custom ores to the server.

We have added eight new ores into the mix: Stone Quartz, Amethyst, Peridot, Silver, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby and super-rare Lemonite.

Each new ore is integrated seamlessly and mimics typical ore mining speeds and sounds. The gem or ingot drops from these ores can also be crafted into a block form and then sold for a higher price or used as a rich decorative block on your plot!

For a polished experience, these custom ores and their drops are compatible with other features such as the /condense command and player chest shop signs.

Economy & Prestige Overhaul

We spent a lot of time and revisions to create what we hope will be the perfect economy for our prison server. From the mix of blocks in each mine to the sell prices and rankup costs, we mathematically calculated everything to give your prison experience longevity while retaining the end goal of becoming a Completionist player!

There are ranks A-Z and 11 prestiges, including the final Completionist prestige. As you progress through the prestiges, rank-up prices increase to offer a more significant challenge, rewarding you with higher sell prices!

Plot World

A big part of our prison experience is the plot world. It's where inmates come together, create a shop and relax from their mining duties!

This update brings a new plot world with cosier 32x32 plots and a fresh new road design.

Ranked players now have higher plot limits, with Netherite rank boasting 32x Plots! You can also purchase additional plots from the Plot Limits section of our store.

Rank & Store Updates

To freshen things up, we have made many changes to our paid ranks and store.

Rank names have changed to Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Netherite. If you previously had a rank on our prison server, you'll still have it with its respective new name!

Each rank's kit now uses retextured tools and armour pieces to suit the rank's name. For example, the Emerald rank's kit contains Emerald tools and armour:

Perks for each rank have been reviewed and updated, including kit enchantment balancing and removing some highly unbalanced perks such as the sell multipliers.

PvP Arena

LemonCloud's PvP arena, featured on Skyblock, is added to OP Prison! Combat was a big part of older versions of our prison gamemode, and we want to encourage this further with our Lemon-themed arena.

Head to /warp pvp to let off some of that inner-prisoner anger!

New Mine Builds

The new mine builds, designed beautifully, envelop a Jurrasic-style theme on our prison server.

Take a look at a few of them:

Miscellaneous Changes

  • New Jurassic-themed spawn
  • Server updated to 1.19
  • Prison ranks are now displayed in the tab and above your head
  • Improved design of the scoreboard
  • Players have permanent Night Vision to enhance visibility when mining
  • You now automatically teleport to your next rank's mine when upon rankup
  • Ranked players now have a chat colour similar to their rank's colour
  • Grenades now have an actual grenade art texture
  • The seller merchant NPC showcases some new features where it wears a backpack and has a blinking animation
  • The blocks mined tracker in a pickaxe's name is now formatted nicely (i.e. 10k instead of 10000)
  • Added a new chat broadcast when a player ranks up
  • Rank note colours now match the specific rank's colour
  • Added the chat games feature, as seen on our other gamemodes
  • Added nicer no-permission messages for ranked commands
  • Improved the plot limits category on the store (you can now purchase additional plots similarly to Creative)
  • Added mcMMO
  • Added all-new cosmetics via a /cosmetics menu - including pets, disguises and particle trails
  • Revamped all crate rewards and added the Cosmetic Crate
  • Updated the interval chat announcements
  • Added HEX colour code support to nicknames
  • Revamped the enchantment system
  • Players can now upgrade tools and armour simply by right-clicking them to bring up the enchanter menu

The server was rebuilt from the ground up, so there may be other tweaks and improvements that we've made but haven't listed!

We plan to run private staff testing of OP Prison before release; however, if you do notice something that doesn't seem quite right, please report it here. On our Discord server, you can find further changes and bug fixes in the #changelog channel.