Parkour Build Competition

Create a parkour course where both gameplay and looks will be judged. The twist? You are only allowed a plot size of 49x49. So use height to your advantage and let your imagination loose!

Head to Creative and use /p auto if you're a new player!


Your submission will be graded based on the following categories:

  • (30%) Gameplay; how does the map flow, feel and engage the player?
  • (70%) Looks; how appealing the map is - from both the player's and spectator's perspectives. The usual grading criteria also come into play, i.e. Quality, Originality and Relation to Theme.


Try to integrate the parkour into the map to the best of your ability. Avoid floating blocks where possible, and remember that looks weigh more than gameplay in the scoring.

The typical build competition rules also apply. You may not copy your build, you may have a maximum of 1 teammate, and builds started before this announcement do not count.

Remember, WorldEdit and extended plot flags are now available to all players, including non-ranks!

Visit /plot visit joinski 5 for an example made by joinski.

Deadline & Submission

You have until 23:59 GMT on February 26th to submit your creation in this form.


1st: 50 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord

2nd: 35 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord

3rd: 20 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord

Best of luck!

A massive thank you goes to joinski for coming up with this event, planning it, writing this post, and creating a great example build!