Skyblock 1.20 Impending Reset

Greetings LemonCloud!

We have an important update for our Skyblock server community! We're gearing up for a server reset, which means a fresh start for everyone. This reset is a chance to dive into a new beginning, filled with unique challenges and fresh opportunities for all our players. We understand the excitement around this update and are eager to bring you all the details.

Read on for more information on what the reset will entail, and get ready for a new chapter in our Skyblock adventure!

On Saturday, 16th December, Skyblock will relaunch with a fresh new server.  e expect to open the server at 8PM GMT. Click here to see what time it is in your time zone.

Continue reading to see what's new in this update!

Reset Details

When the reset happens, most of your progressional data will start over. Your island, in-game money, vote rank, skill levels, inventory, ender chest, vaults, homes, etc. This reset gives all players a fresh start and the opportunity to start on a level playing field.

Don't worry; you'll keep ranks, kit access, titles, and any other permanent access packages you've bought from the store.

What's Happening?

Let's look at some of the features coming with this update!


The most notable changes include the 1.20 Update, Top Islands, Value Portal, Weekly Prizes, New Spawn, Quests, Island Biomes, Folia, and many other improvements and fixes.

A full changelog will be published on release day in our Discord server! Head to the #changelog channel on Saturday to read the complete list.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the most significant changes for this update...

Top Islands

The Top Islands leaderboard now displays an island's daily and weekly value increase. We decided to move towards rewarding islands based on their recent income rather than their net worth. This gives newcomers a chance at the Top Islands leaderboard, and if a dominant island goes inactive, they'll lose their position.

There's no longer a need to display value as levels, so your island value is now points-based and ordered by weekly change.


To celebrate and recognize an island's grind, the top 3 islands will automatically receive a prize of Lemons at the end of every week.

Here's the current weekly prize pool:

🥇 1st Place - 25 Lemons
🥈 2nd Place - 15 Lemons
🥉 3rd Place - 10 Lemons

Value Portal

Placing island value blocks can be tedious, so we've made it much more manageable. All islands now come with a Value Portal, or you can build your own by simply placing a cauldron and filling it with lava.

Then, throw all your value blocks into it to exchange them for island points!

We're excited to launch the new Skyblock server this weekend! The old server will be taken down around 24 hours before release so we can make preparations. See you there!