August Newsletter

Hello LemonCloud!

As always, it's a pleasure to announce a new month for LemonCloud with the newsletter!

July on LemonCloud


Unfortunately, a technical issue meant we could not go ahead with the sumo event as planned, but we did have a spleef event, and I have giveaway winners and "Circus" mini-build competition winners to announce!


A technical issue meant we had to reuse natalac's map from the previous spleef event, but it's certainly a map worthy of being seen more than once. Thanks nat!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the event, and our events team as always for their help in setting up and running these events! Congratulations to the top 3!

1st Place - SantaClapped
2nd Place - Shauun
3rd Place - ThatMfDude

Lemons Giveaway

To make up for the cancellation of the sumo event, we gave away 3 lots of 15 lemons! From 217 reactions, congratulations to Zacxry, wendysmcnugget, and turbulence2887!

Please make a management ticket and send your IGN to claim your prize.

"Circus" Mini-Build Competition Results

I'm delighted to announce the results of the "Circus" mini-build competition! As always, it was a pleasure judging the entries and some very close scoring deciding the placements. Thank you to everyone that entered and joinski for coming up with this event!

1st Place - Tiger_OZ and Zacxry (good day for Zac!) - 9.06 Average Score - /p v -3670,3664
2nd Place - iridescent_ghost - 8.80 Average Score - /p v -166;-93
3rd Place - PeachiPixie and Knight_Purple - 8.66 Average Score - /p v 120;-169

Honourable Mentions - OhDork and sophisticatedd (8.40 Average Score - /p v -137;-171), nessaxo (8.36 Average Score - /p v -167;-72)

Congratulations to the winners, and commiserations to those that were so close! Pairs should make a management ticket to discuss how they would like to split their prizes, and individual entries have already received theirs.    

Stay tuned for information on the next build competition!


We had 45 things changelogged throughout June, with credit to those that created suggestions, bug reports, and our hardworking development team.

Should you wish to create a bug report, you can do so by clicking on the respective wording. If you want to make a suggestion, navigate to #suggestions in our Discord server.

Staff Changes

We update staff changes as and when they happen through the corresponding channel on our Discord server - you should join if you haven't! In case you missed it, we had the following staff changes through June:

  • Orange_AB | Recruit -> Helper (July 2nd)
  • Puffet | Moderator -> Sr Moderator (July 2nd)
  • iridescent_ghost | Moderator -> Sr Moderator (July 23rd)
  • RosePoop | Admin -> Player (July 30th)

If you are interested in joining our staff team, you should apply here! We always look for new applicants and would love to see you join the team. If you have any questions about applying or how the staff team works, please create a general questions or management ticket in our Discord server.

As a side note, please be patient with any management-related requests (tickets, emails, etc). I apologise for any delays in advance.

August on LemonCloud


Read on to find out about our events in August!

There'll be a slightly thinner schedule due to the technical issues with the events server and something important happening during August - the next Factions map of course! What other exciting and important thing could happen...  

Sunday, 6th August - Build Competition Announcement

This will be announced through the events channel inside of our Discord server. You should join if you haven't already @

Wednesday, 23rd August - Emoji Competition Announcement

This will be announced through the events channel inside of our Discord server. You should join if you haven't already @