Christmas Hats

Greetings LemonCloud!

Today we're pleased to announce the release of our new cosmetics hats feature!

To celebrate the Christmas season, we're kicking off with three festive hats, which are now available to purchase at

You can view your unlocked hats by typing /hats in-game.

Hats use 3D models and take advantage of our server resource pack. Unfortunately, such a feature isn't possible on older versions of Minecraft, so this feature isn't live on OPFactions, Factions or KitPvP.

The Christmas hats will only be available for a limited time until January 1st 2022. Hats are permanently unlocked on your account when purchased.

With this new feature now in place, you can expect to see more hats released in the future on other occasions (easter bunny ears?!)

Merry Christmas!