Creative 1.18 & Emojis Update!

Greetings LemonCloud!

We've got some exciting news to share today regarding some recent updates that have gone live on the network!

Creative 1.18

Firstly, we're pleased to say that Creative is now running the latest version of Minecraft, which brings a few exciting changes to the gamemode:

  • Increased world height to 319 blocks - more space for your creations!
  • Nicknames now support RGB colour codes. Time to make a fancy gradient nickname!
  • You can now find cosmetics on a new /cosmetics menu. Get your hands on a Cosmetic Crate Key to unlock new pets and particles. The new crate allows all users to unlock cosmetics regardless of their rank!
  • Some text around the server, including the scoreboard and chat prefixes, have been updated to utilize new colour codes.


An exciting new feature has landed on LemonCloud. Introducing emojis!

You can now use a selection of emojis in the chat on our modern servers, including Creative, Skyblock, and Survival! (don't worry, we plan to have emojis on other gamemodes when they've updated to current Minecraft versions)

To access Emojis, simply type /emojis to bring up the menu. You can select an Emoji Pack and browse the available emojis.

Each emoji has a chat shortcut, such as :smile:, which is also tab-completable for convenience!

All players have access to the Default Emoji Pack for free. New premium Emoji packs are planned to release in future updates.

Check out the #changelog channel in our Discord server for other recent changes!

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