May Build Competition & Events

Greetings LemonCloud! The Events Team is pleased to announce the winners of April's Gothic Architecture build competition on Creative, the theme for May, and our other planned events for this month.

Your theme for May is "Seven Wonders of the World" - we're excited to see how you interpret this theme! Perhaps you'll build an ancient wonder lost to time such as Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or a marvel of architecture like the Colosseum? You can build either the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, or the New Seven Wonders of the World. If you're unsure of what this includes, we have a list here to help you out.

The deadline to submit your build is the 31st May at 11:59pm EST and you can submit your entry on the form here.


#1: 50 lemons, Talented role in our Discord, a new chat tag in-game AND your plot showcased at a spawn plot!

#2: 35 lemons, Talented role in our Discord & a new chat tag in-game

#3: 20 lemons, Talented role in our Discord & a new chat tag in-game


Plots started or built before this announcement will not count

Copied builds result in a disqualification

You may have a maximum of 2 players per entry

Follow our server rules

Best of luck and enjoy building!

"Gothic Architecture" April Build Comp Winners

All the votes are in for the Gothic Architecture build competition! The judges were stunned by all the builds, and it was very difficult to choose a winner. You can see the #events channel in the LemonCloud Discord for a showcase of the top 3 plots.


#1: oAutumn (plot 61;-163)

#2: Tiger_OZ (plot -93;162)

#3: JonkkuSa (plot 202;2000)

Congrats! You will receive your lemons, Discord role, and chat tags soon.

May Events

Parkour Race Event

The Events Team is hosting another parkour event on a brand new map! Come to /warp event on Survival 2 on the 15th May at 8pm BST [3 pm EST] to race other players to the finish line. There are checkpoints on the parkour course and the levels are short but get gradually more difficult. We expect the event to take 45-60 minutes.


#1: 20 lemons or a May Monthly Crate & Talented role in our Discord & any chat tag in-game

#2: 15 lemons & any chat tag in-game

#3: 10 lemons

Creative Build Battle

We're pleased to be hosting a timed build event on Creative! Come to /warp event on Creative on the 21st May at 2pm BST [9am EST] to take part. You will have 20 minutes to build for each theme (without worldedit), and there will be 2 themes. The 3 players with the highest average score from the Events Team will go on to win some amazing prizes!


#1: 25 lemons & Talented role in our Discord & any chat tag in-game

#2: 20 lemons & any chat tag in-game

#3: 15 lemons