April Build Competition & Events

Hello everyone!

The Events Team is pleased to announce the theme for April’s build competition on Creative and the winners of the March “Post-Apocalyptic” build comp.

Your theme for April is... "Gothic Architecture"! Will you build a gorgeous cathedral with eerie gargoyles? Or maybe a dark mansion!? We're so excited to see how you interpret this unique and elegant theme for the month!

The deadline to submit your build is the 30th April at 11:59pm EST and you can submit your entry on the form here.


#1: 50 lemons, Talented role in our Discord, a new chat tag in-game AND your plot showcased at a spawn plot!

#2: 35 lemons, Talented role in our Discord & a new chat tag in-game

#3: 20 lemons, Talented role in our Discord & a new chat tag in-game


  • Plots started/built before this announcement will not be counted
  • Copied builds will result in disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of 2 players per entry
  • Follow all server rules

Good luck and have fun building!

"Post-Apocalyptic" Build Competition Winners

The votes have been counted for the March “Post-Apocalyptic” build comp! The Events Team was highly impressed by your interpretation of the theme and the creativity in your builds. We saw some stunning entries including a nuclear wasteland and an alien invasion! You can check the #events channel in the LemonCloud Discord to see a showcase of the winning plots.


#1: Banhi (/p v -93;164)

#2: Tiger_OZ & SmokeySteak (/p v -92;162)

#3: xxamber30xx & gokulovesPvP (/p v 160;99)

Congrats! You will receive your lemons and Discord role shortly.

April Events

Sumo Tournament

Come to the /events server on the 16th April at 10pm BST (5pm EST) to take part in a PvP Sumo Tournament! Your objective is to knock other players off the platforms with your knockback fish until you're the last player standing. Each game will be played as a 1v1v1v1, and the winners from each round will go into a semi-final then a final.


#1: 25 lemons, 1 hat of your choice & a Talented role in our Discord

#2: 20 lemons & 1 hat of your choice

#3: 15 lemons

Parkour Race Event

The Events Team is hosting a new parkour race on Creative! Come to /warp parkour on the 17th April at 10pm BST (5pm EST) to race against other players and win some awesome prizes. Each level has a checkpoint and the levels start off easy and progressively become more challenging.


#1: 25 lemons & a Talented role in our Discord

#2: 20 lemons

#3: 15 lemons