March Build Competition & Top Voters

Hello everyone!

The Events Team is glad to announce the winners of the February "Year of the Tiger" build competition and the theme for March.

Your theme for March is... "Post-Apocalyptic"! Will you build the ruins of a futuristic city, a landscape devastated by disaster, or a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie? We're looking forward to seeing how you interpret the theme this month!

The deadline to submit your build is the 31st March 2022 at 11:59pm EST and you can submit your entry on the form here.


#1: 50 lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord

#2: 35 lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord

#3: 20 lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord


  • Plots started/built before this announcement will not be counted
  • Copied builds will result in disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of 2 players per entry
  • Follow all server rules

We wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy building!

"Year of the Tiger" Build Competition Winners

The votes have been counted for the February "Year of the Tiger" build comp! The Events Team was highly impressed with the quality of all the builds and the creativity you've shown us.


#1: Skellia & natalac (/p v 117;35)

#2: Tiger_OZ (/p v -92;160)

#3: RandomNxme (/p v -133;-163)

Congratulations! You will receive your lemons and Discord role within the next 24 hours.

February Top Voters

Every month, to reward those who support the server through voting, we hand out rewards to the players who vote for the server the most. In return for supporting the server, each vote receives specific rewards per gamemode, including a vote key, lemons and other rewards! Each vote contributes to promoting the network and helps bring new players to the server.

So in return for helping us, we decide to hand out lemons to each of the top 5 voters. In the event of a tie, we may decide to cash out the rewards differently to how we usually would.

This month will be the last month that we operate the top voter program. We will be implementing a brand new rewards system in the next few weeks that gives everyone a chance of achieving some great prizes on our network.

The top voters for last month are:

#1: Lilla_R_K - 50 lemons

#2:  Theosis1 - 40 lemons

#3:  koolkid0611 - 30 lemons

#4:  Tiger_OZ - 20 lemons

#5:  RandomNxme- 10 lemons

Congrats to all of the above - you will receive your lemons in-game shortly!

February Raffle Winner

As well as rewarding the top five voters with lemons, we also add every single voter into a monthly raffle. The more times you vote, the more entries you have into this raffle. The current prize for this is $25 USD PayPal.

This months winner is Lightbulb477 - please email if this is your username and we can confirm it's you and send you your reward!

Thank you to everyone for supporting the server and we hope you enjoy our March build competition!