February on LemonCloud - Events & Top Voters

"Year of the Tiger" February Build Competition

Hello LemonCloud!

The Events Team is pleased to announce the new build comp theme for February is… “Year of the Tiger”!

We are looking forward to seeing how your creativity will come to life with this theme! Will you build the embodiment of courage and bravery? Perhaps The Water Tiger itself? The Chinese New Year Festivities? It is entirely up to you! We can’t wait to see what your imagination has to offer.

The deadline to submit your build is the 28th February 2022 at 11:59PM GMT, giving you around 3 weeks to finalise your creation. You can submit your entry on the form here.


#1: 50 lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord

#2: 30 lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord

#3: 15 Lemons and an exclusive Talented role in our Discord


  • Plots built/started before this announcement will not be counted
  • Copied builds will result in disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of 2 players per entry
  • Follow all server rules

Best of luck to those competing!

"Under the Sea" January Build Comp Winners

The votes for our January Build Competition on Creative have been counted and the winners are decided! We were amazed at your inventiveness in building shipwrecks, mermaids and underwater civilisations.


#1: Spxrtans (Plot 2;-197)

#2: avtl (Plot -93;160)

#3: natalac (Plot -41;148)

Congratulations! You will receive your lemons and Discord role within the next 24 hours.

Dripleaf Run Event - 12th February

The Events Team will be hosting a Dripleaf Run Event on the 12th February. Keep running around the arena while the dripleafs fall from underneath you, and try not to fall! There are three layers in the arena, and the last players standing will win.
You must be in 1.17+ to take part.

Where: Survival 2 at /warp event

When: 9pm GMT [4pm EST, 1pm PST] on Saturday 12th February


#1: Survival February Monthly Crate & 10 lemons

#2: 20 lemons

#3: 15 lemons

January Top Voters

Every month, to reward those who support the server through voting, we hand out rewards to the players who vote for the server the most. In return for supporting the server, each vote receives specific rewards per gamemode, including a vote key, lemons and other rewards! Each vote contributes to promoting the network and helps bring new players to the server.

So in return for helping us, we decide to hand out lemons to each of the top 5 voters.

This months top voters are::

#1: RHVGamer - 50 lemons

#2: nioxio - 40 lemons

#3: Lilla_R_K - 30 lemons

#4: CoolSkeleton66 - 20 lemons

#5: Demiurge_au - 10 lemons

January Raffle Winner

As well as rewarding those who vote with basic rewards, and the top five voters with lemons, we also add every single voter into a monthly raffle. The more you vote, the more entries you have into this raffle. The current prize for this is $25 USD PayPal.

This months winner is J0_ - please email support@lemoncloud.org if this is your username and we can confirm it's you and send you your reward!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in supporting the server and we hope you enjoy our February events, and the upcoming OPFactions reset!

OPFactions Season 1
Greetings LemonCloud! At last, it’s time for the return of OPFactions! We’re excited to finally kick off with a new season and get back onto a consistent release schedule. A while ago, Mojang contacted us about our faction’s store compliance with the EULA, and to ensure compliance, we had to