Factions Rules

Hello everyone,

In addition to the global server rules found here, the following rules apply to our Factions gamemode.

Please be aware that our rules can change at any time, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are knowledgeable about all rules and all changes.


One corner per Faction

Factions can only claim one corner. Additionally, inactive corners or corners claimed for the sole purpose of selling the claim for IRL money will be unclaimed.

Alternate Factions

Alternate accounts or factions cannot be used to evade any of these rules.

Nuisance Claims

You are not allowed to inhibit another faction from filling their 10-chunk buffer, unless it is for the sake of an active raid.

F-Top Addendum

You are not allowed to use additional bases or factions to spread out your f-top value to the extreme and for the sake of making your value virtually “unraidable” - we will take action against you.

Illegal Raiding

A blanket term for anything illegal while attempting to or raiding another base or countering a cannon.

Raid Claims

When planning a raid you (or anyone in coordination with you) may not claim more than a 10x10 area for your cannon box and the walls that surround it.


No factions are allowed to interfere in raids.

Illegal Cannons & Semtexing

There are only a few cannon technologies disallowed on LemonCloud:

  • A cannon capable of destroying more than one wall per button press
  • Cannons that shoot at or above the world height limit or a base roof
  • Left/right cannons
  • Worms
  • Y1 Tunnelers

You cannot use multiple cannons at once.

Illegal Defending

Illegal Walls & Blocks

You cannot protect your base with illegal walls, illegal blocks, or blocks which are unraidable.

Disallowed blocks include cobwebs, fence posts and gates, anvils, and banners.

Disallowed walls currently include reverse 45s (completely disallowed) and regular 45s (completely disallowed).

10 Chunk Buffer Limit

A buffer is defined as the claims around, but not including, your base. It is measured from the first chunk outside the shell of your base itself, outwards - but does not include the base itself. You may claim 10 chunks in each direction stemming outwards from your base.


No factions are allowed to interfere in raids.

Illegal Patching

Patching with Printer or Gen Buckets no matter if you are the attacker or the defender. Do not patch with these items until after 10 minutes of the last cannon shot. You cannot patch in the wilderness.

Watering & Boxing Spawners

If you are caught blocking off/placing water on your spawners to protect them from being taken during a raid, warnings may be issued and we may take some spawners away from your base. Water limits the number of spawners that factions can loot during a raid. Additionally, enclosing spawners in boxes that contain no air gaps between the walls and spawners is also disallowed.

Removing Spawners during Active Raid

The removal of spawners during an active raid or active setup of a cannon is not permitted.