Factions Season 2

Greetings LemonCloud!

We're pleased to confirm that Season 2 of Factions begins this weekend!

Whether you're a Factions pro or just starting, this is a fresh start for everyone. It's the perfect opportunity to build, defend, and conquer like never before. We can't wait to see what you do on LemonCloud Factions.

On Saturday, 1st April, Factions will reset and mark the beginning of Season 2. We expect to open the server at 8 PM BST. Click here to see what time it is in your time zone. The countdown is on!

Continue reading to see what's new in this update!

Reset Details

When the reset happens, most of your progressional data will start over: in-game money, mcMMO levels, inventory, ender chest, vaults, homes, etc. This reset gives all players a fresh start and the opportunity to start on a level playing field.

Don't worry; you'll keep: ranks, kit access, titles, and any other permanent access packages you've bought from the store.


Before we get into what's new, here are the important details for this upcoming map!


  • Map Duration: 2 months
  • Faction Member Limit: 10
  • Daily Shield Duration: 8 hours
  • Claim Buffer Limit: 10 chunks
  • Regen Walls: Enabled
  • Available Corners: 12
  • Faction Corner Limit: 1
  • Obsidian breaks with 3 TNT hits
  • Custom Enchantments are available from the Enchanter at spawn
  • No printing
  • Small-scale cannoning
  • Wither raiding


  • Overworld - 10k x 10k blocks - Enhanced Terrain
  • Nether - 2.5k x 2.5k blocks - Vanilla Terrain
  • End - 2.5k x 2.5k blocks - Superflat Terrain

Grace Period

  • Random teleport is disabled for 1 hour on release (there is no nether or end warp, so these worlds are only accessible via their natural portals for the first hour!)
  • Flying is allowed since all players are allowed to vote for fly access.
  • Raiding (TNT, Creeper Eggs, Withers, Grenades and Semtexes) is disabled for the first 7 days


The top 5 factions at the end of the map will be awarded the following prizes:
🥇 1st Place - 250 Lemons
🥈 2nd Place - 200 Lemons
🥉 3rd Place - 150 Lemons
🏅 4th Place - 100 Lemons
🏅 5th Place - 50 Lemons

What's New?

We've compiled a list of all changes since the launch of Season 1, and some extras happening for Season 2!


  • New spawn
  • Bedrock is now flat in the overworld
  • Invisibility effect is now removed upon entering combat
  • /tntfill radius is now 32 blocks
  • Disabled XP from furnaces
  • Enchantment books now cost significantly less with Legendary at 25,000 XP instead of 100,000 XP
  • Reduced the buy prices of various materials in the shop
  • Added /reclaim allowing ranked players to reclaim their rank's on-purchase rewards every season
  • Reduced the amount of KoTH countdown messages
  • Overlord rank has a 20% chance to get a Legendary Crate Key daily
  • Fixed a bug with nether portal creation that affected the start of Season 1
  • Disabled chorus fruit teleportation
  • Fixed all sell price inconsistencies across shop categories
  • Fishing sell price increased by 5x
  • Fixed missing materials from trench tools
  • Fixed a bug where grenades and semtexes could be used at spawn to damage players
  • Fixed unenchanted tray tools
  • Fixed issues that prevented the spawner mining fee menu from triggering
  • Spanwers can now only be placed within a faction claim
  • Spawners outside of a faction claim will not spawn mobs
  • You can no longer unclaim territory with spawners in them
  • Added access to /mail
  • Hero+ can now use /disposal
  • Disabled elytra in the spawn warzone
  • Top-tier spawners no longer require a manual player kill to be farmed
  • Wither Skeletons from spawners no longer drop their skulls. Wither Skulls can now only be obtained naturally or farmed in the nether world
  • Added a new voting system with vote ranks that provide sell multipliers
  • Disabled sethome and tpahere commands in neutral and enemy territory
  • Increased view distance to 6
  • You will now respawn at spawn upon death
  • Removed the minimum distance requirement between different coreclaims
  • /f fly now works even if you do not have vote fly
  • Removed empty space in chat for factions in the top 10 that had no medals.
  • Disabled teleportation into factions that are not allied.
  • You can now have multiple co-leaders in your faction
  • Added /inspect <player> as an alias for mcmmo inspection
  • You can now use enderpearls in combat
  • Added new /skills menu for mcMMO-related skills and abilities
  • Kits won from crates will now drop to the floor if your inventory is full
  • Added emojis support to the various chat modes.
  • Fixed issues with farm captchas not working properly.
  • Reduced teleport delay
  • Players now take damage if they glitch above the nether roof
  • Added a new Legendary enchantment called Inquisitive! This sword enchantment greatly increases the amount of XP you receive when killing mobs.
  • Fixed issue with spawner values and count not being handled properly for /f top.
  • Water and Lava buckets can now stack up to 64
  • Added Black Scrolls, White Scrolls, and enchantment books to envoys
  • You now receive between 1-3 rewards per envoy chest, instead of just 1
  • You can now buy the Fly Perk individually on the store
  • Overlord's armor has been buffed from protection 4 -> 5
  • Wither health has been doubled
  • Spawners now drop when exploded, as intended. When a spawner block explodes, it will drop between 0-100% of the spawners in the stack
  • Patched an exploit where you could glitch through walls with ender pearls
  • Fixed an issue where players could fly 1 block beyond the world border
  • Spawner mining fee has been set to 20% of the buy price
  • Disabled mcMMO axes armor impact
  • Removed kits from the envoy loot table
  • You can now purchase buckets in stacks rather than one by one
  • Added support for Fire Aspect and Looting enchants on spawner mobs
  • Fixed a bug where attack dmg to mobs by players was less than half what it should be
  • Fixed a false positive in Kraken that kicked players when filling lava buckets
  • Added a 4s warmup to faction warps
  • Fixed a bug where falling sand despawned between Y:256-319
  • Added access to [inv] inventory linking in chat for Elite rank
  • Removed the limit from /f alts
  • Raiding while on shield has been added to the illegal cannons/raiding section of our ruleset
  • Natural lootables (such as nether fortress chests) now refill at a random rate after being looted
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would get kicked by Kraken when using the trenching pickaxe
  • Gen buckets now use a custom texture to represent their block

A huge thank you is owed to all of our players and those who have provided feedback on our Factions server, helping us improve it so we can offer an epic experience!

More minor changes, such as bug fixes, are posted in the #changelog channel in our Discord server.