Halloween 2021

It's the spookiest time of the year, and this year we're going big with our celebrations! To make the most of the spooky season, we are hosting our first events week in a long, long time, and releasing some spooky exclusive items to celebrate!

Halloween 2021 Crate

On both Survival and our brand new Skyblock servers, we've released our first annual Halloween 2021 crate! This is a unique take on our existing monthly crates, giving unique loot that's never been seen before.

Skyblock's Halloween 2021 Crate

Each of the tags, which were handpicked by our community back in September, are available in these crates on both Skyblock and Survival. This is a great way to spice up your chat and stand out from the crowd!

Additional bonuses include robot parts, which can be forged together to create brand new robots, which replace our minions system!

Our new robots, which launched as part of the Skyblock reset. An article is on the way describing their usage and each of the individual parts!

Make sure to get your hand on either the Skyblock or Survival Halloween Crate before they're all gone!

Halloween Events Week

Finally, after a long wait, we're bringing back our infamous events week! Starting today and running until the start of November, we're bringing you frequent events all over the network at different times. Later today, the specific details will be announced for each event, but here's the sort of thing you can expect to see:

  • Spleef event
  • Parkour race
  • Skyblock build competition
  • TNT run event
  • Exclusive giveaways and admin items

And, the two highlight events of the week:

Halloween Karaoke

The return of the best karaoke event in the Minecraft community (we think, anyway)! On Saturday, October 30th, we will be running our karaoke event. All of the details of the event will be published on the day, including the sign-up to sing!

There's specific rules for the event too, which will be released on the day as well.

joinski's Halloween Special

Previously, joinski and I have teamed up to bring a unique Halloween experience to LemonCloud, which is one of our best ever events including an RPG-style gamemode and a parkour! Over the last few days of the week, we are looking to bring a new experience for everyone to try out!

Where can I find out about these events?

Our awesome events team will be running and managing the #events channel in our Discord. You can click here for a quick link to join (though you'll need to verify who you are in-game).

We're extremely excited to see you on the network for these events!

Staff Applications

Finally, we're pleased to announce the re-opening of our Staff Application system. You can apply using the attached Google Form to become a LemonCloud Staff Member! We have many exciting opportunities lined up for you if you join our team. So far, we've seen many new exciting candidates apply for the role, and we want to see your name on that list very soon!

LemonCloud - Staff Team Application
LemonCloud is one of the oldest and largest Minecraft servers, welcoming thousands of new players each day. Our voluntary staff team works hard to make sure that our playerbase is satisfied with how the server is, and to help catch all rule breakers. We are constantly looking to recruit new staff me…

We will be looking to review applications later today, and then towards the end of the week. Make sure you get your application in before 7PM BST for a chance to be reviewed today!