October Newsletter

Hello LemonCloud!

It's time for my favourite part of the month once again, the newsletter! Read on to learn about the winners of the "Books" Build Competition, the "Meme" Emoji Competition, and all the usual newsletter goodness.

Competition Results

"Books" Build Competition Results

I'm delighted to announce the "Books" Build Competition results! While you always make judging difficult, we never expected it to be so close that we'd have two builds tied inside the top 3!

As always, thank you to everyone who entered!

1st Place - Knight_Purple and PeachiPixie - 9.80 average score - /p v 140;-175
2nd Place - Tiger_OZ - 9.33 average score - /p v -3670;3660
3rd Place - Zacxry - 8.52 average score - /p v -205;-203
3rd Place - SXMA - 8.52 average score - /p v 23;-73

Congratulations to those who placed in the top 3 with some truly amazing builds! Pairs should make a management ticket to discuss how they would like to split their prizes, and individual entries have already received theirs. It would also be great if SXMA made a management ticket to confirm their Discord account to receive the talented role.

"Meme" Emoji Competition Results    

The emoji comp once again proved itself as one of our more popular events with a great amount and quality of entries! Thank you to everyone who entered!

LC-specific - iPlexity with :lemon_flushed:
General - thirdangle with :yeeyee_lemon:
General - boobees with :satisfied_lemon:

Congratulations to the winners! Please go and check out their emojis in the Discord when you can.

Please could all winners make a management ticket to confirm your IGN.

A word on events

Events happening in October will be announced during the month inside our Discord server. Please join if you haven't already!

September on LemonCloud


We had 145 things changelogged throughout September, with credit to those that created suggestions, bug reports, and our hardworking development team.

Should you wish to create a bug report, you can do so by clicking on the respective wording. If you want to make a suggestion, navigate to #suggestions in our Discord server.

Staff Changes

We update staff changes as and when they happen through the corresponding channel on our Discord server - you should join if you haven't! In case you missed it, we had the following staff changes through June:

  • Orange_AB | Helper -> Moderator (September 10th)
  • LanternGod | Moderator -> Sr Moderator (September 10th)
  • Puffet | Sr Moderator -> Administrator (September 21st)

If you are interested in joining our staff team, you should apply here! We always look for new applicants and would love to see you join the team. If you have any questions about applying or how the staff team works, please create a general questions or management ticket in our Discord server.