September Top Voters & Raffle Winner

Every single month, to reward those who support the server through voting, we hand out rewards to those who manage to vote for the server the most. In return for supporting the server, each vote receives specific rewards per gamemode, including a vote key and other rewards too! Each vote contributes to promoting the network and helps bring new users to the server.

So in return for helping us, we decide to hand out lemons to each of the top 5 voters. In the event of a tie, we may decide to cash out the rewards differently as to how we usually would.

This months top 5 voters are:

  • #1 Paccccc - 50 lemons
  • #2 2Paccccc - 40 lemons
  • #3 AR4444 - 30 lemons
  • #4 RoKe215 - 20 lemons
  • #5 RHVGamer - 10 lemons

You should receive your reward within the next 24 hours!


As well as rewarding those who vote with basic rewards, and the top five voters, we also add every single voter into a raffle. The more you vote, the more entries you have into this raffle. The current prize for this is $25.00 USD PayPal.

This months winner is siddy3124 - please email if this is you and we will confirm it's you and send you your reward!

Once again, thank you to everyone for taking part in supporting the network. Keep your eyes out for our first newsletter in the next week or so!