LemonCloud - October Update

It's the beginning of a brand new month on LemonCloud, and with that we have many new things to announce, including upcoming competitions, events and server updates! As we're now a week or so into our new website, I'd like to announce how we're going to be using this going forward to increase our reach as a community and operate to work closer together using platforms such as Discord.

It's important that when we release or plan to release something, that we can let you guys know about it as soon as possible. As a result, we've decided to opt into doing updates on our new website as often as we can. This, tied in with the changelogs we release in the Discord, will allow for you to see everything that we're doing with full transparency, something that we often haven't succeeded in doing before.

Within the next couple of days, our new build competition will be announced, with exclusive rewards for those who build the best plot on our creative realm.

LemonCloud Community Team

I announced plans to introduce a community team a few months ago, and although it's been quite a while, it's took some time to rework the overall network setup to be able to actively include a set of players in the decision making and feedback process. With the move to the new website, this has become even more possible and will allow for us to function with no setbacks.

The community team is a team of keen and hardworking community members who are loyal to the network and are willing to work to make the server a better place. While there's no guarantee you will be actively involved in every decision, we aim to call at least twice a month to discuss where the network is at and try and make exciting decisions.

The application process is now open and has a strict set of criteria as we look to recruit 6 members to the team to begin. If you are interested in joining this team, please fill out the form below. If you don't receive a reply within 14 days, it's likely that your application has been declined.

LemonCloud - Community Team Application
To fill out this application, you must be ready to commit a lot more time to the network, and be in a position where you are already going above and beyond for the server. We understand this is a voluntary role, but it does still require a lot of hard work, and there will be plenty of rewards along…

If you do choose to apply - thank you for being keen and willing to help the network. Best of luck to those who choose to apply!

What's next?

Within the next few days, we are looking to announce the launch of our brand new Skyblock realms. From the ground up, we've created a brand new experience which boasts exciting new content that has never been seen before on our network. For the past few months we've been working extremely hard to make sure it's perfect for release, including hosting a closed beta to get it right.

Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to be among the first to find out about the reset! Those who are signed up to our newsletter will be entered into a random ballot to win a Supreme rank on a Skyblock realm of their choice!

Event results!

Here are the results of our recent events:

Time Travel Build Event Winners

The Events Team is pleased to announce the votes for the September Build Competition are counted. We were amazed by your creativity in building time machines and wormholes!

  • Paccccc (/p v -155;142)
  • Tiger_OZ (/p v -92;156)
  • natalac (/p v -147;129)

Congrats! You will receive your lemons within the next 24 hours. News on our next  build event will be live tomorrow!

Parkour Run Event

On the 10th of October, we held a Parkour Run Event on Survival 2, which had an amazing turn out. Thank you to the events team for setting this up and running it! The winners are as followed:

  • JingerCandy
  • xman0907
  • _hashbrown

An administrator will be in touch to give you your rewards within the next 24 hours!

Upcoming events!

Here's what is coming up in our event diary:

Halloween Skin Competition

Do you have the spookiest skin on LemonCloud? Come to the Halloween Skin Competition on Creative to show off your skin and win some prizes! The event is at 2PM EST (7PM BST) on the 24th October at /p v Paccccc 11 on Creative.

  • #1: 30 lemons
  • #2: 20 lemons
  • #3: 10 lemons

Be sure to take part to earn some awesome rewards!