Skyblock's 1.19 Update

Greetings LemonCloud!

Almost a year after we released our most recent Skyblock servers, it's time for another fresh start and a bunch of new updates!

Some significant changes are being made, including merging Skyblock Water and Fire into one big Skyblock server. We'll share all you need to know in this announcement.

Skyblock opens to everyone on Saturday 17th September at approximately 8 PM BST. Click here to see what time it will be in your time zone. The countdown is on!

Reset Details

When the reset happens, most of your progressional data will start over: in-game money, mcMMO levels, inventory, ender chest, vaults, homes, islands, robots, etc. This reset gives all players a fresh start and the opportunity to start on a level playing field.

Don't worry; you'll keep: ranks, kit access, titles, island upgrades, and any other permanent access packages you've bought from the store.

What's New?

Let's take a look at what's new in this update...


We recently held a poll in Discord asking the community if you'd be interested in merging Skyblock Water and Fire into one big Skyblock server. A significant 82% majority of voters said they would be happy for the servers to merge, so it's happening!

It's an exciting change that brings both Skyblock communities together, creating an even bigger competition in the race to become the #1 island!

Don't panic! When the servers merge, you'll keep all your ranks and other paid-for packages. Here's everything you need to know:

  • On Skyblock, you'll automatically have your highest tier rank from Water or Fire.
  • If you had a rank on the other server, you'd be able to claim it in physical rank note form through /claim.
  • Everything else (pets, disguises, particles, island upgrades, fly access and titles) will be automatically given back. Any duplicates are also claimable in item form from /claim.

So, for example, if you have the Chicken Pet on both Water and Fire, you'll have access to it on Skyblock and claim it as a physical redeem item that you can sell, trade, or give to a friend!


For this update, we spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of Skyblock's economy so that we could see its flaws and make improvements.

Here's what's changing:

  • All spawner prices have been recalculated
  • All mob drop sell prices have been recalculated
  • Gold Nuggets are now sellable in the shop
  • Netherite blocks now contribute to island level, reducing the number of blocks you have to place for island level points
  • Collector Robots are buyable in the shop
  • Collector Robots can be linked to any chest on your island and have significantly higher linked chest limits (more on this further down)
  • Stacked mobs are now killed all at once for all automatic kill methods, including Slayer Robots. Manual killing (with a sword, bow, etc.) will continue to kill mobs in a stack one by one. This means that all mob types can be farmed at the same rate.
  • Added 3 new spawners (Wither Skeleton, Strider, and Zoglin, that drop Netherite, Ruby and Lemonite, respectively)
  • Unlocking spawners now has 2 additional requirements; buying previous tier spawners and your island level.


A huge part of the Skyblock meta is Robots! We're excited to expand upon this feature within this update.

Parts Recycler

If you've played before, you may know that feeling of having too many of a certain robot part when you need that final piece. Now you can recycle unwanted robot parts into scraps!

Parts Crafting

Use your Robot Scraps to craft other, more desired parts to help you build your robots easily!

Robot Buffs

The following changes have been made to robots in general:

  • Collector Robots can now be linked to any chest on an island
  • Chest linking now has a toggle mode where you can simply click on chests to link or unlink them
  • Collector Robot no longer contributes to the robot limit
  • Farmer Robot now actually replants the crops it harvests
  • Collector Robot upgrades have been buffed (linked chests limit now ranges between 100 to 300)
  • Miner Robot upgrades have been buffed (now has a further range and a fortune effect on drops)
  • Slayer Robot upgrades have been buffed (increased kill range and a fortune effect on drops)
  • Farmer Robot upgrades have been buffed (ground watering and a fortune effect on drops)


Our architect, joinski, has made some enhancements to our spawn, bringing the spawn point closer to the important areas and incorporating some custom models!


Every 6 hours, a new King-of-the-hill (KoTH) event will automatically begin. Battle against other Skyblock players and remain on the capture point for 5 minutes, uninterrupted, to claim victory!

The winner of a KoTH event is given a free Legendary Crate Key and a special [KOTH] chat title.

Type /koth in-game for more information and a countdown till the next event.


A new skills GUI has been added to give players an informative overview of their mcMMO skills and abilities.

Left-click for detailed information about each skill, or right-click to see the top 10 ranked players!


Island Improvements

  • Added the ability to add trusted members to your island and manage their permissions per player. Command: /is trust <player>
  • Added custom textured menus for island confirmation and team management
  • Added custom textured prefixes for island team roles
  • Added a 500 hopper per island limit. Hoppers have a significant impact on performance, and other changes in this update aim to encourage the use of Collector Robots over hoppers.
  • Added new island permission for accessing the permissions menu, defaulting to co-owners
  • Added the ability to toggle island border visibility
  • Fixed a bug where players didn't take fall damage on islands
  • Added new /is help command to list all subcommands of island management
  • Added a new 'Did you mean?' command system. If a player misspells a command such as /is resset it will tell them, "Did you mean /is reset?"
  • Made it clearer what each island permission does in the permission menu
  • Merged lectern, armour stand and item frame permissions into the "build" permission
General Improvements

  • ‌Updated the server from 1.17 to 1.19
  • Prefixes in TAB now use a custom texture
  • Added modern style nicknames and chat colours. You can now use RGB HEX colour codes in your nickname. Use /nickstyle for easy styling!
  • Moved the PvP Arena's spawn down by 30 blocks
  • Added a 1.5x sell multiplier sell wand
  • Added all 1.18 and 1.19 cosmetics to the Cosmetic Crate
  • All crates now use custom models
  • Slimes now spawn at their smallest size
  • Quests are down while they undergo revamp to add hundreds of quests for more progression (we expect to release this to Survival & Skyblock in the next couple of weeks)
  • Made it clearer when a robot is fully upgraded
  • Added safety check of requiring free space in your inventory when picking up robots
  • Robots now show errors in their names and particles around them when they are not working (i.e. no charge remaining)

On our Discord server, you can find further changes and bug fixes in the #changelog channel.