'Spring' Build Competition

Hi all,

I'm excited to announce our next Build Competition for the Creative gamemode, featuring all things Spring! What incredible creation will you bring to life?

To submit your build, you must head to the 'Spring' Build Competition Entries post inside of our Discord forum - linked here. If you cannot enter via Discord, please send your IGN and plot ID to support@lemoncloud.org. Please do this before May 7th, 2024.

If you're new to Creative, you can create a plot with /p auto. /help has more information!


1st Place - 25 Lemons + 'Build Competition Champion' role in our Discord
2nd Place - 15 Lemons + 'Build Competition Runner-up' role in our Discord
3rd Place - 10 Lemons + 'Build Competition Runner-up' role in our Discord

This is the first opportunity of 2024 to get a special role in our Discord! These roles expire at the end of the next build competition, so they have to be defended to remain on your profile!


  • Member ranks receive WorldEdit and Brushes!
  • Plots started or built before this announcement do not count
  • Copied builds result in a disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of one teammate (two entrants)
  • Follow all of our server rules
  • The judging categories are as follows:
    - Quality: Quite simply, this is how good your build looks
    - Originality: How unique is your build? Is it similar to other entrants or is it out of the box?
    - Relation to Theme: Does your build relate to the published theme and, if so, how well?