January Newsletter

Hello LemonCloud!

I hope you had a very happy Christmas and new year, if you chose to celebrate! Read on to see a wrap-up of December on LemonCloud, announcements for our events for January and the latest build competition, plus a very important message from snw!

December on LemonCloud


We hosted 7 events throughout December, including the return of an events week.

I'd like to thank everyone that helped, such as our events team, with any of the events through the month - especially with the events week. As a team, we'd like to thank everybody that participated in an event, and look forward to welcoming people to our events in January!

Staff Changes

We update staff changes as and when they happen through the corresponding channel on our Discord server - you should join if you haven't! In case you missed it, we had the following staff changes through December:

  • 11 December 2022: Regrettes (Player -> Recruit)
  • 26 December 2022: Regrettes (Recruit -> Helper)

If you are interested in joining our staff team, you should submit an application here! We're always looking for new applicants, and would love to see you join the team. If you have any questions about applying or how the staff team works, please create a general questions or management ticket in our Discord server.


We had 63 things changelogged throughout December, with credit to those that created suggestions, bug reports, and our hardworking development team.

Should you wish to create a suggestion or bug report, you can do so by clicking on the respective wording. As always, we have opportunities available for people to join our feedback team - a group that helps handle suggestions and feedback on content for LemonCloud! If you would like to join, please create a management ticket and tag @OllieBell.

January on LemonCloud

An overview of the events we'll be holding in January, plus a message from snw.

"Above the Clouds" Build Competition

We're excited to announce our next build competition theme, which is... Above the Clouds! We're all looking forward to seeing what you build! To submit your build, please use this form - you have until 23:59 GMT on February 19th to do so!


  • 1st - 80 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord
  • 2nd - 55 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord
  • 3rd - 30 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord

Rules and Information

  • Plots started or built before this announcement do not count
  • Copied builds results in a disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of one teammate (two entrants)
  • Follow all of our server rules
  • Entries will be anonymised to our judges
  • The judging categories are as follows:
    - Quality: Quite simply, this is how good your build looks
    - Originality: How unique is your build? Is it similar to other entrants or is it out of the box?
    - Relation to Theme: Does your build relate to the published theme and, if so, how well?

Good luck! We look forward to seeing what you create!


As always, we'll have a weekly event through January. We look forward to seeing you at some!

Saturday, January 7th - Sumo

Time and Location
20:00 GMT on /events.

1st Place - 30 Lemons + Talented role (Discord)
2nd Place - 20 Lemons
3rd Place - 10 Lemons

Saturday, January 14th - The Walls

Time and Location
20:30 GMT on /events.

1st Place - 30 Lemons + Talented role (Discord)
2nd Place - 20 Lemons
3rd Place - 10 Lemons

Saturday, January 21st - Parkour

Time and Location
21:00 GMT, location will be announced at the time.

1st Place - 30 Lemons + Talented role (Discord)
2nd Place - 20 Lemons
3rd Place - 10 Lemons

TBA - Mini-Build Competition

Stay tuned to #events in our Discord for information!

A message from snw...

Hey LemonCloud, just a quick message to let you all know that I will be leaving my manager role in the coming days. I’ve been manager for three and a half years now and I believe we are in a great position for someone else to take over from where I am leaving things.

I’ll write a proper farewell at some point but I will certainly miss you all and will miss working on this great network. It is unfortunately time for me to move onto new challenges. I will be around for a little while longer to assist the transition before I depart. I will continue to support the server as a member of the community whenever I have the chance to get online.

Thank you all for your support in my time here!