June Newsletter

Hello LemonCloud!

As always, I'm delighted to have the privilege of wrapping up May on the server, and previewing what's ahead in June!

May on LemonCloud


We were happy to host four events through May, as well as the start of the "Ruins" build competition.

As always, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the events team and our events feedback group. As a team, we'd like to thank everyone that took the time to participate in an event!


Our sumo event had one of the largest turnouts in the recent history of events, which I feel is all down to Boneloose's map. Thank you to Boneloose for making the event possible!

1st Place - dirtymex373
2nd Place - LanternGod
3rd Place - CertifiedLesbian


Our cactice event had well over 30 individual entrants, who made up 6 rounds. Thank you to LanternGod and iPlexity for making this event possible by building an awesome Star Wars-themed map!

1st Place - 3yes_R3D
2nd Place - Flakkeeseridder
3rd Place - lGDT

Hunger Games

We had a hunger games event for the first time in recent memory courtesy of an amazing Tiger_OZ build!

1st Place - Shauun // Brxssef
2nd Place - Dreamars // uhlouis
3rd Place - kiranfaaakyt // Sm01b0i00

Placements are shown as round one // round two


The popular parkour event returned thanks to a great build from ripbestie!

1st Place - jonny1234567809
2nd Place - Block_Power
3rd Place - EpicMach7


We had 81 things changelogged throughout May, with credit to those that created suggestions, bug reports, and our hardworking development team.

Should you wish to create a bug report, you can do so by clicking on the respective wording. If you want to make a suggestion, navigate to #suggestions in our Discord server.

The feedback team has been placed on hiatus for the foreseeable future. From now on, all discussions relating to suggestions and features will occur in the main Discord suggestions forum. This means that suggestions will be handled akin to most other suggestions boards, where suggestions are handled based on a combination of votes and the discussion inside it - happening as and when new features are being worked on/wanted.

Staff Changes

We update staff changes as and when they happen through the corresponding channel on our Discord server - you should join if you haven't! In case you missed it, we had the following staff changes through May:

  • Jxnsen_ | Recruit -> Helper (May 2nd)
  • jcmiltier | Helper -> Player (May 6th)
  • aaliiyaah | Moderator -> Player (May 14th)
  • Zacxry | Player -> Moderator (May 16th)
  • Boneloose | Helper -> Player (May 20th)

If you are interested in joining our staff team, you should apply here! We always look for new applicants and would love to see you join the team. If you have any questions about applying or how the staff team works, please create a general questions or management ticket in our Discord server.

June on LemonCloud


We're looking forward to hosting three events, plus a mini-build competition, in June!

Saturday, June 10th - Spleef

Time and Location
20:00 BST on /events.

1st Place - 30 Lemons + Talented role (Discord)
2nd Place - 20 Lemons
3rd Place - 10 Lemons

Saturday, June 17th - Dripleaf Run

Time and Location
20:00 BST on /events.

1st Place - 30 Lemons + Talented role (Discord)
2nd Place - 20 Lemons
3rd Place - 10 Lemons

Saturday, June 24th - Hide and Seek

Time and Location
22:00 BST on /events.

Confirmed on the day. Will be made up of a 60 (or similar) lemon prize pool as usual.

"Ruins" Build Competition - Ongoing -> June 11th

We're excited to announce our next build competition theme, which is... Ruins! We're all looking forward to seeing what you build! To submit your build, please use this form - you have until 23:59 BST on Sunday, June 11th to do so!


  • 1st - 80 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord
  • 2nd - 55 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord
  • 3rd - 30 Lemons + Talented role in our Discord

Rules and Information

  • Plots started or built before this announcement do not count
  • Copied builds result in a disqualification
  • You may have a maximum of one teammate (two entrants)
  • Follow all of our server rules
  • Entries will be anonymised to our judges
  • The judging categories are as follows:
    - Quality: Quite simply, this is how good your build looks
    - Originality: How unique is your build? Is it similar to other entrants or is it out of the box?
    - Relation to Theme: Does your build relate to the published theme and, if so, how well?
  • Basic WorldEdit is available to members

Good luck! We look forward to seeing what you create!

Factions Reset

Factions season 3 starts on 3 June 2023 20:00 BST!

What's New?

  • Brand new spawn build
  • 1-month map duration
  • Much faster economy
  • Printer allowed
  • Spawners now self-destruct if not placed within 3 days

The first 72 hours of the map will be grace period. This means all forms of raiding is disabled (tnt, creeper eggs, withers, etc).

Flying and RTP will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map.

1st Place - 200 Lemons + Custom Tag
2nd Place - 100 Lemons
3rd Place - 50 Lemons

You can react to the announcement post in our Discord server to have a chance of winning 10 lemons!